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Within the short space of time, a child can go from babbling to forming coherent sentences. This is all the more amazing since they do this through simple exposure to the language, without any formal instruction. Any adult learner hoping to match this progress will have to spend long periods of time at study, memorizing vocabulary and conjugations.

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Burt, and Krashen. In other words, it is still an open question what exactly these regularities and principles reflect in terms of the cognitive structures and mechanisms involved in language acquisition. As a consequence, there have been many competing proposals in the literature which attempt to give alternative explanations for the observed regularities in terms of processing strategies, psychological variables, discourse strategies, markedness theory, etc.

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Parents help their toddlers out of cycling helmets and jackets. It seems to sum up the enviable effortlessness of the little polyglots around her. For many of the children, Spanish is a third or even fourth language.

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And if so, what are the implications for the classroom? In the documentary, he says that acquisition is 'where the action is'. He stipulates that the emphasis should be on meaningful interactions and not on form.

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Are you currently learning a new language? What are some of the difficulties you experience in the process of learning this new language? How is this different from the way you learned a language as a child?

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You've likely heard that learning a new language is easier for children than it is for adults. But all hope is not lost for grown-ups looking to expand their linguistic knowledge. While a recent MIT study did pinpoint

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This book explores the motivations of adult second language L2 learners to learn Italian in continuing education settings in Australia. It focuses on their motivational drives, learning trajectories and related dynamics of identity development triggered by the learning process. Central to the study are adult L2 learners, who are still a largely under-researched and growing group of learners, and readers will gain a better understanding of the learning process of this specific group of learners and ideas for sustaining L2 adult learning motivation in continuing education settings.

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Smith and Gregory Strong eds. Adult Language Learners: Context and innovation addresses specific issues facing teachers who work with adult language learners in a wide variety of contexts such as university, continuing education, vocational training, and language teacher certification programs. After a preface by the series editors and an introductory chapter by the volume editors, the book is divided into three sections: Teacher Development, Extending Learner Autonomy, and Innovations within a Course.

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To provide students with an introduction to the main theories, questions, methods of investigation, and discoveries in the two fields of a child language development and b adult second language acquisition. Weeks Child language development Topics: Theoretical questions and perspectives on child language What needs to be acquired and the challenges facing the child How can we investigate child language Brain and language development Role of nurture in language development Weeks Second language acquisition Topics: Theoretical perspectives on second language acquisition The empirical study of interlanguage The critical period Acquisition of phonology Acquisition of lexicon Acquisition of syntax Individual differences Social context. The lectures will present and explain theoretical frameworks, methodologies, and empirical discoveries, while the workshops will a reinforce the lectures, b provide students with opportunities to participate in classroom debates based on assigned readings, and c support students in analysing in smaller teams a small dataset for the second language acquisition part of the module.


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