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Homo sapiens is the only species, however, in which adult preferential or obligatory homosexuality occurs naturally. Existing cross-species and cross-cultural reports are reviewed from behavioral, physiological, and evolutionary perspectives with a view toward clarifying the role of homosexual behavior in species interactions. The data suggest that preferential or obligatory homosexuality in adulthood, in the presence of available and receptive heterosexual partners, is qualitatively rather than quantitatively distinct from all other manifestations of homosexual activity, and that quantitative incidence rating scales obscure meaningful understanding of this dimension of homosexual behavior.

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Animal sexual behavior takes many different forms, including within the same species. Common mating or reproductively motivated systems include monogamypolygynypolyandrypolygamy and promiscuity. Other sexual behaviour may be reproductively motivated e.

Please take this quick survey to tell us about what happens after you publish a paper. Insectes Sociaux. The presence of sex pheromones in six Japanese species of the genus Vespa was demonstrated by laboratory assyas using intact queens and their ether extracts. Clear interspecific cross-activities of the pheromones was found for all pairwise combinations between five of the six sympatric species, V.

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Non-reproductive sexual behavior consists of sexual activities animals participate in that do not lead to the reproduction of the species. Although procreation continues to be the primary explanation for sexual behavior in animalsrecent observations on animal behavior have given alternative reasons for the engagement in sexual activities by animals. Observed non-procreative sexual activities include non-copulatory mounting without penetration, or by the femaleoral sex, genital stimulation, anal stimulation, interspecies mating, and acts of affection.

Cross-fertilizationalso called Allogamythe fusion of male and female gametes sex cells from different individuals of the same species. Cross-fertilization must occur in dioecious plants those having male and female organs on separate individuals and in all animal species in which there are separate male and female individuals. Even among hermaphrodites— i.

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Oddly, there seems to be some red-team, blue-team, two-timing going on. First genetic evidence of ongoing mating between 2 distinct species of guenon monkeys. A researcher from Florida Atlantic University is the first to document that two genetically distinct species of guenon monkeys inhabiting Gombe National Park in Tanzania, Africa, have been successfully mating and producing hybrid offspring for hundreds maybe even thousands of years.

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Scientists may have caught two animals from completely different species having consensual sex for the first time. Sex between animals of different kinds has been reported across a wide range of the animal kingdom. Those reports of very different animals are usually seen between animals that are born and bred in captivity.


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