Adult gargoyle fanfiction

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Gargoyles. The clan has chosen to begin a new generation, with some unforeseen effects.

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A few notes about gargoyles before I begin, Fans of the series may or may not know this, as some of it is mentioned in the comics and not in series, or because the information about gargoyles is so spread out, may not remember. Now for the gargoyle information. Gargoyles age at half the rate of humans.

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply 1.

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Disclaimer: Gargoyles, its characters and concepts are copyright to Disney. Foreword Hello everyone, this is my first Gargoyles fanfic. I found the end of the series not very fulfilling, and I was inspired to write something. I think this is kind of an alternate universe, as I treat everything that happened after the episode "Generations" as if it didn't happen at all.

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Tanner looked out over the darkening skyline listening to the sounds of the city change as night deepened. Loose strands of his dark brown hair lashed wildly about his stern wide face. He was fifteen today, nearly an adult, and had grown into a very handsome gargoyle.

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No infringement of these copyrights is intended, and is not authorized by the copyright holder. Note this is a drastic retelling of my previous story titled Gargoyle's Renewal and shall serve as an adjunct of my "Small Town Spider-Man" Universe. Some story elements remain the same while others have been change significantly to conform to my new vision.

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Elisa Maza looked up at the stately brick building that occupied Rosenstrasse, Dresden, Germany—the home of one Valerie von Bismarck. When Elisa had contacted von Bismarck and expressed an interest in a meeting, the mysterious German had insisted on Elisa's visit to her home. She asked Elisa to call her on her cell phone when she arrived, so Elisa dialed the number and let the phone ring.

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She'd gotten up about an hour ago, hair in tangles and the craving for caffeine dragging her by her throat towards the kitchen. Elisa finally had a night off after an eighty hour week and was determined to spend it doing absolutely nothing but melting into a boneless heap in Goliath's arms as soon as the sun went down. She'd left specific instructions for Matt and Maria not to bother her unless the sun itself was about to crash-land in the middle of Central Park.

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On an island no one knew was real thirty-seven gargoyle eggs hatched in the dead of night. The only adult gargoyle on the island watched as one by one each egg hatched. The last egg to hatch was the one she worried about the most.

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The Hunter's human ally leapt off her back as she made a tumbling crash landing on to the Observation deck of the Eiffel Tower. She grunted in pain as she rolled to a stop, but lost her grip on the statuette which bounced several feet beyond her rolling to a stop. Demona reached desperately for the Praying Gargoyle, but the human got to it first, and casually dropped the thing off the Tower while waving "Bye-bye, now. The statuette shattered on impact, leaving only the crystal.


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